Dr. Ferdinand Leacock Gives for the Good of the Community

Dr. Leacock has been a part of the Bon Secours family since his first days in medicine in the late 70s. As a thoracic vascular surgeon, he performed procedures at the Bon Secours Hospital regularly and eventually became the Bon Secours Baltimore Chief of Surgery.

“I remember the first time I came to Bon Secours in 1977 – it was after hours and I needed to view a patient’s x-ray to prepare for surgery. After finding my way to the x-ray department, I needed help to obtain the x-ray from where it was stored. Had it been one of the other hospitals where I had privileges, I would have been out of luck. However, at Bon Secours, the person on duty gladly went in search of the x-ray on my behalf. I always remembered that person going the extra step for me. That type of attitude continues today and it continues to impress me.”

As a respected member of the Baltimore medical community, Dr. Leacock is approached regularly by other local hospital foundations for financial support. He chooses the Bon Secours Baltimore Health System Foundation because, “I know exactly where my money goes at Bon Secours. I direct my donation to the community and economic programs every year. What they are doing is something that will last. I am very pleased with the work they do.”

These community and economic development programs help parents of young children and adults in Southwest Baltimore to obtain their GED. They also provide career and financial counseling support that assist them on their path to self-sufficiency. “I know the money I give is all going for a good cause. I just wish I could give more,” shares Dr. Leacock.

“I enjoy so much what I’m doing here at Bon Secours – I feel lucky. Making a donation to the Foundation is one way I can give back – directly to programs that I feel have so much to offer,” Dr. Leacock adds.

Donations to the Bon Secours Baltimore Health System Foundation are used for the area of greatest need in the community unless designated to a specific fund. Learn more about the areas of need by visiting the website at www.bonsecoursbaltimorefoundation.org.