Loyal Donor Sees & Feels Impact of His Gift.

Dale McArdle came to Baltimore in 1982. Through his work with Catholic Charities’ housing programs, he came to learn about Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation. “What impressed me about Bon Secours is that their programs meet a wide variety of needs. They have a housing program, but its impact extends way beyond the physical structure. Bon Secours’ programs take into consideration men, women, children and families. Their housing program is not just about buildings, but the people that live in them. The program also works with a number of vacant lots and they are concerned with the impact that cleaning up and planting grass and trees has on the environment.”

“Bon Secours doesn’t approach community development in the same manner as other organizations. The approach is global and yet personal at the same time.”

Making a difference in West Baltimore and the lives of its residents — that’s why Dale McArdle and others like him continue to financially support Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation, year after year. Dale can travel through West Baltimore and see the impact Clean & Green has had on the community. He can also see the lights on in nearby houses and realize that inside those houses is where the real satisfaction lies — in the quality of life for the people that call West Baltimore home. Find out more about Bon Secours and their programs or to make a gift on-line visit www.bonsecoursmaryland.org.