Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program

Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program (YEEP) helps high-school-age youth obtain after-school and summer employment and mentors youth to plan their future careers to break the cycle of low high school graduation rates and poor employment histories.YEEP provides access to job readiness, leadership development, career planning and job acquisition training for area youth. The 12-week job readiness training prepares the youth for summer employment. Area business owners have stepped forward to provide full- and part- time positions, internships and shadowing opportunities for our participants. YEEP Alumni have volunteered their time as mentors to our youth – there is perhaps nothing more motivational for our youth than coming in contact with the success of their older peers.

During the year, YEEP students and parents complete community service projects, attend recreational and cultural activities, attend meetings and training sessions.

The Youth Employment And Mentoring Assistance Program Includes:

  • Leadership and job-readiness training
  • Job placement
  • Financial literacy training
  • Career planning

The success of the YEEP program hinges on the combined efforts of motivated youth, staff, energized professional volunteers and area business owners.

Employ A Youth

By hiring a youth for summer employment in your business. These hard working young people benefit from the salary they receive which will help purchase school and personal items for the fall term at school. You’ll benefit from their efforts during the day, but also from the knowledge that you’ve helped influence the future.

Donate Your Time

By sharing your business experience with our youth. Volunteer for a six, eight or 10-week training module and help teach our youth some of the lessons you’ve learned as a successful professional.

By the numbers

  • 100% of the participants are placed in summer employment
  • Job readiness training was provided to 25 youth to the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program.