Memorial and Honorarium Charitable Giving  

In addition to designating your gift for a specific fund(s), you may also choose to remember a loved one or a special healthcare provider by making your charitable gift on their honor or memory. Gifts in honor of, or in memory of, a care giver, loved one, family member, or friend are a heartfelt way to honor or commemorate someone special, celebrate a birth or milestone, or show appreciation for the compassionate, quality care received from our Bon Secours’ staff.


Through these charitable gifts, you are expressing gratitude and paying tribute to someone special. Gifts of any amount may be given. Each honorarium gift is acknowledged by notifying the honoree. When a memorial gift is made, the decedent’s family or trustee is notified. Gift amounts are not disclosed. You will receive a receipt for your gift for tax purposes.

The following gifts were given In Memory of loved ones

Theresa M. Zerhusen in memory of Mary F. Jasinski

Kathy F. Harwood in memory of Brenda Fitzgerald

Barbara McClain in memory of Harry C. McClain, Jr.

Christine Lay in memory of Sr. Mary Catherine Rogers, C.B.S.

Richard Vanasse in memory of Sr. Mary Catherine Rogers, C.B.S.

Sean Ballard in memory of Tom Muth

Lynne Turner in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Turner

Barbara Oot-Giromini in memory of Sr. Mary Catherine Rogers, C.B.S.

Glendora Hughes in memory of Ellwood Hughes

Joanne Williams in memory of Sequina Fernandes

Felix M. Nicolas, Jr. in memory of Felix M. Nicolas, Sr.

The followings gifts were given In Honor of special individuals

Mary C. Knoll in honor of Sr. Jean Aulenback, C.B.S.

Bruce Downs in honor of George Kleb

Jeffrey Oak in honor of Samuel Ross, M.D., M.S.

Ravi Krishnan in honor of M. Anandakrishnan

Beth Kleb in honor of George Kleb

Joe Ann Murphy in honor of the Graduates of 2010

Sr. Mary Shimo, C.B.S. in honor of Sr. Alice Talone, C.B.S.