The Family Support Center provides resources for young, low-income families in West Baltimore. The center provides a full range of family services to assist expectant mothers and parents with children ages birth to 47 months. Services include parenting and child developmental education, employment readiness training that include a GED Program, ABEclasses, resume writing, interviewing skills and career counseling, and health education.

All services are free, and on-site childcare is provided for all participants, Monday to Thursday 9am to 3pm. Bon Secours Family Support Center also has Home Visiting Program which is available for pregnant women and mothers with young children.


  • In 2011, Bon Secours’ Family Support Center began expanding services as a result of a request from the Center’s primary funding agency (Maryland Family Network) to create the first Family Support Center “Hub”. Bon Secours was selected as the only Center out of 22 current program sites in Maryland to establish this new model of services that will eventually be duplicated throughout the state. The Center nearly doubled the number of families served during the past year.
  • In addition to increasing the number of families who benefit from existing services, three new programs were developed and launched:


Recognizing that parents are one of the most important factors to a child’s physical mental and emotional development, Bon Secours Family Support Center has initiated an intensive educational workshop. Babyology will teach parents how to nurture themselves, while understanding that the parent is the child’s first teacher.

Fatherhood Program

Fathers can influence economic well-being, social development, and emotional growth in their children. Research reveals that fathers do place importance on their role as a parent although it may be demonstrated in non-traditional ways. The Fatherhood Program will assist fathers by teaching and practicing skills that enhance their ability to maintain nurturing relationships with their children now and in the future.

Teen Parent Program

Due to increasing teen pregnancies and high school drop-out rates in Baltimore City, Bon Secours Family Support Center is committed to serving pregnant and teenage parents through providing various health, social, psychological, and academic support to encourage educational success and prevent subsequent pregnancies.

Baltimore City has an infant mortality rate of more than four times that of City as a whole (47.5 vs. 11.3 infant deaths per 1,000 residents).  The Family Support Center’s In-Home Intervention program promotes healthy starts for babies – resulting in higher rates of full-term pregnancies, healthy birth weights, and 100% child immunization rates in this area of Baltimore that regularly experiences dramatic health disparities.

By the numbers

  • 105 families enrolled in the Family Support Center’s GED program this year; 10 were identified as candidates to take the pre-test and 3 attained their GED. This exceeded the annual goal of 100 families enrolling in the GED preparation courses.
  • 105 families participated in emergent literacy activities and all of these families benefited from participating in at least 2 of the family literacy events during the year.
  • 23 participants completed 10-12 Nurturing sessions.
  • 99 children received developmental childcare services (an average of 29 children each month), getting the head start they need to succeed in school.
  • 82 participants received health education services.
  • 15 fathers received case management and In-Home Intervention services through the new Fatherhood program launched in 2011.
  • 27 families received intensive parenting services.  
  • 35 families received In-Home Intervention services – with at least 3 visits each month
  • 33 teen parents received case management and In-Home Intervention services through the new Teen Parent program launched in 2011. The Center exceeded the minimum number required of serving 25 families during the year.